Activation & Engagement Expert

We’re hiring! Are you the Activation & Engagement Expert we’re looking for?

Job Description
  • never settle for average;
  • service and support attitude is your nature;
  • are a good listener, but very pro-active and creative to help organisation and people;
  • can make people enthousiastic;
  • know that you will never finish optimizing your activation and engagement process;
  • understand that what you do is making our customers use the software and app;
  • are fluent in both Dutch & English  (you can even make jokes, preferably good ones);
  • big plus: Understand how to talk to HR, managers and corporates;
  • love the idea of working for a tech start-up, and understand what that means;
  • know that your job is to help TruQu grow.
What about us?

More and more people speak about learning organisations and learning employees. Feedback is crucial for this learning. Feedback you can learn from. TruQu can help you with this. With TruQu’s digital feedback tool, employers and employees as well as clients and contractors are able to retrieve feedback quickly and easily. Simple. Digital. Based on this feedback, they obtain insight into their performance. Data. Information. Reports. Both at an individual level and organizational level. Feedback at a logical moment: after contact with a client, colleague or manager; during the appraisal cycle (performance review and appraisal meeting); at the end of the year or upon completion of temporary contracts or projects.

In addition, they can get feedback at any desired moment. In between. Starting with group of people who are used to or who are open to this kind of feedbck. To give feedback and to receive feedback. Millenials, self-employed people, people who work project-based, etc. This group will expand over time. Driven by changing employment relationships, a next generation and a new way of working. In five years’s time this is the only kind of feedback we know and the only kind of feedback we want. Continuous feedback. Continuous learning.

So back to you

What do we need you to do?

  • Activate and engage customers in using TruQu within their organisation;
  • Once a customer has bought TruQu, you can inspire them in get the maximum out of the software and the app;
  • Make customers happy with our product;
  • Support customers in their needs and questions;
  • Follow up on questions from customers and encourage them to use the software;
  • You are responsible of keeping our clients happy!
  • And to grow with us… The faster we grow, the more you will be able to do. You’re one of the first at TruQu now, the possibilities will be endless.
What we offer?
  • A ‘full on position’, where you decide your own destiny;
  • Lots of freedom but still enough mentorship and coaching;
  • A great team of international colleagues and a great office in the most inspiring startup building (B-building)
  • Part of a team which is willing to do everything to be in the top three feedback solutions in the world
  • A Ping-pong table to relax:)
More information?

Call 085-0600050 and ask for Bart or mail to!