360 Degree Feedback for Employees

Get feedback from everyone around you
360 degree feedback is a great way to get feedback. Understand strengths and competences through feedback from people who have insight into your daily functioning.


Employee Feedback Tool

TruQu is an employee feedback tool that makes it easy to ask and collect feedback. Employees can ask for feedback via the web app and the mobile app from all the people around them.


Feedback e-Portfolio

Employees create their own e-portfolio of 360 degree feedback. They can use this e-portfolio for their own development or as input for their performance appraisals.


Feedback from clients

The TruQu feedback tool is suited for asking feedback from (external) clients. With a few clicks you can start your 360 degree assessment.

360 Degree Feedback through Web and App

360 degree feedback is a structured way to collect feedback from those involved. TruQu made this as easy as possible.

360 degree feedback is the process where employees ask for feedback from different angles. By combining the feedback they can include supervisor, peers, subordinates and clients to create a complete picture of their competences. Employees can use the feedback to develop themselves.

Feedback App

Getting feedback is extremely easy via the Feedback App. This is an app for your smartphone that allows you to send a feedback request right after each meeting or event.

Real-time insight

View your received feedback immediately in the app or the website. Get instant insight into your performance and goals.

Personal and organizational competencies

Employees can choose between a pre designed questionnaire from your organization or personal competencies and skills to ask feedback about.

Customers about their 360 degree feedback experience

Aranea uses TruQu for the development and professionalization of its employees. With TruQu employees can ask 360 degree feedback to customers and colleagues easily in order to get an overall picture of their strengths and their areas of improvement. We managed to bring the feedback culture to a higher level for the whole organization.
Frank RoumansManaging Partner - Aranea
Sogeti uses TruQu since the 2nd half of 2015. The main reason to use TruQu is because Sogeti recognizes the need for continuous improvement of our staff and our services. By using TruQu we offer our employees a very accessible tool for asking feedback internally and to their client.
Werknemer Sogeti
Ronald HuigenManaging Business Support - Sogeti

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