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Ilias Van Peer-TruQu

Ilias Van Peer

Saira Perreijn-TruQu

Saira Perreijn

Bas Ben Zineb-TruQu

Bas Ben Zineb

Eelco Veltenaar-TruQu

Eelco Veltenaar
Advisory board member

Manos Delimarkou-TruQu

Manos Delimarkou

Demi Gooyer-TruQu

Demi Gooyer
UX/UI Designer

Bart Kollau-TruQu

Bart Kollau
Advisory board member

Isa Pepping-TruQu

Isa Pepping

Roy Vosters-TruQu

Roy Vosters

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Our mission

We like reviews and feedback. We like smart ideas. Our dream is the follow the need of the market to build a software service for smart reviews and feedback of professionals. In a simple and clever way. We want to help individuals, small companies and large enterprises in their search for a simple way to retrieve reviews on professionals. And share the results. The future is transparent, get on board now.

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Our vision

We have the vision that the world becomes more transparant everyday. Reviews on hotels, campings, shoes and even your scooter is business as usual. Why not reviews about professionals? This transparent world will also evolve in the market of professional services. We believe that within 10 years every professional will have a profile filled with reviews. This profile can be used to improve, to get a new job, a new assignment or to enhance the performance of an organization.