Business case


Leaseweb believes in feedback and the principle that people always learn and develop themselves

Hosting provider Leaseweb has been making the internet accessible and available for everyone for over the past 21 years by giving clients cost-efficient hosting solutions. Leaseweb is an organization with more than five hundred employees worldwide. Their headquarters is located in Amsterdam, with offices in Singapore, America, Australia, UK and Germany. With their focus on reliability, security and velocity, they decided to work with the performance management software of TruQu in 2016 to support their values.

“Leaseweb has a worldwide hosting network”, says Richard Hamaker, Senior HR Business Partner at Leaseweb. “We’re an organization where the sun never goes down, literally. Internet is always there and everywhere. The down side is that we’re not always able to instantly provide feedback or react.”

“People in our organization started mentioning about the desire of a performance management tool. We want to improve continuously and do better tomorrow than today”, he continues. So, they embraced the feedback technology of TruQu. “This allows us to give each other feedback and compliments all the time.”

Safety first

The hosting provider decided to give workshops worldwide to its teams to stimulate the use of the TruQu application. Giving feedback became an obligation and special feedback moments became a thing.

To the question how Richard thinks that the employee will grow with TruQu, he says: “It’s beautiful that people already know where they’re good at and where they can improve. Feedback is something very powerful. Colleagues are in the middle of a development process. People get more insights, work with that and grow and develop constantly. This happens on a technical and professional level. Besides that, the employee can decide for himself to share their received feedback with others. That makes giving and receiving feedback secure. This is priority for us.”

Richard calls giving and getting feedback ‘fantastic’: “I think that I can always learn from it. It’s nice to see what my good sides and my bad sides are. You’re continuously working on improving this. It’s part of your development.”

“You’re continuously improving yourself”


GrowQu, the implementation partner of TruQu, helps Leaseweb to implement the software to the employees. “It’s nice to have someone from the outside looking at our company. GrowQu really helped us with giving direction and making everything clear. We are able to apply improvements and stimulate our feedback culture by looking at our company with a professional. They helped me, gave me insights and support”, according to the HR Business Partner.


“The most important thing is that Leaseweb and TruQu both prioritize their clients; we’re both very enterprising”, says Richard about the match between both organizations. “We let employees work together in a fun way, we think big and developing is key. We think positive. Get it done, is one of the core values of Leaseweb. I recognize this at TruQu too. You have to do and experience it. With feedback and learning moments you make sure that you’ll bring your product and service to a next level.”

He would definitely recommend TruQu to other companies. Provided that the company is ready to break up with their old culture and start a new one. “If you want to make each other better and stronger, you have to do this with the whole organization. If you only like it for a part of the team then it becomes a tool. But, it’s not a tool. It’s part of the culture of your organization. Support each other should be the base of a good collaboration on a professional level.”

“It’s not a tool. It’s part of the culture of your organization”


Richard Hamaker
Senior HR Business Partner – Leaseweb

Feedback moments

“The bottleneck of many organizations are the annual appraisals. Think of the preparations, the conversation itself and the consequences afterwards. This costs so many hours in a year.”

For the employee this can even result in frustration. “During my HR career I see that employees are disappointed that important achievements at the beginning of the year are not taken into the assessments in the end. Wouldn’t it be much more effective to create monthly feedback moments of five to ten minutes?”, Richard asks himself.

“It’s beautiful if you can control your own learning process”

Huge profit

“With this you’ll already be prepared for the bigger conversation. You’re already prepared for a bigger conversation. Everybody wants to reach their personal goals, but that will only work if you take more moments for this within the year. It’s out of date to talk to your boss or executive once. It’s a huge profit. Not only in time, but also for your employees to improve themselves. It helps to give attention to the talents and the potential of the employees. This is a continuous process, as far as I’m concerned.”

Leaseweb hopes that 95% of their employees will use TruQu very consistently in the future. This goal seems very close, but growth takes time, is what Richard thinks. “If you ask for feedback, then you can look back on your results and reflect on what you’ve exactly done. It’s beautiful if you can control your own learning process.”