Business case


P-services HR group sees a change in culture through the use of TruQu.

P-services, a specialist in the field of personnel services, strives for responsible, social cooperation between client and employee in which good employment practices are key. To promote this and to stimulate personal development, they started with TruQu. HR advisor Esther van der Schee talks about expectations, culture and the use of the performance management tool within the organization.

Esther calls the former P-services assessment method somewhat old-fashioned and devious. “Before this we worked with performance and assessment forms per function. This was quite devious. Then another function was added or something changed in the function. The forms had to be adjusted every time.”

There was a need for a new cycle and a new system. For example, the HR advisor decided to attend a Round Table session from TruQu. The event where you can talk to various like-minded people about the new structure of the conversation cycle. “I then suggested to the management to start using TruQu and everyone was immediately enthusiastic,” said Esther.

Intern communication

P-services used the documents on the help page to communicate TruQu internally. TruQu was explained during the staff meeting so that everyone could start immediately afterwards.

“Together with my HR colleagues, I have prepared a document with the do’s and don’ts for asking and giving feedback. It also describes how to set up a smart development goal. Employees and managers must know that they can always come to us when they need help.”


Time to use the tool. Esther: “We have put all employees in TruQu and created templates. Because of the simple system this was very easy to do yourself.”

To communicate expectations, a timeline has been placed in the organization’s employment conditions book. “Here is exactly what is expected of the employee and how you should ask for feedback. But also when a reflection report needs to be written and when there is contact with the manager. This is clear for every employee. We have agreed that the supervisor, together with the employee, determines to whom feedback is requested. This is to prevent that everyone might grab the customers they know are already satisfied.”

Change in culture

Within a feedback culture, honest feedback is given between employees themselves, between employees and managers, and between managers and other managers. In this culture, every employee in the organization has the right to give feedback to another person in the organization.

According to Esther, this was hardly ever the case before. This culture has been stimulated by the use of TruQu. “I notice that using TruQu means that much more feedback is requested and given than before. Compliments are also popular. These are fun things that would happen much less without the use of TruQu. It is good that we are obliged in this way to give each other feedback. People now dare to say something earlier. And, of course, typing it out is even easier.”

“I notice that by using TruQu much more feedback is requested and given than before”

“You can always improve yourself”

TruQu makes it possible to request feedback from people without a TruQu account. This is useful for companies that work a lot with consultants and clients.

The HR advisor is often with clients and sees the added value of this position. “When I am with a client, I assume that they are satisfied, because otherwise they would not hire me. But this is of course very easily said. You can always improve yourself. When you talk and evaluate with the customer afterwards, you will sooner hear that everything went well. This is in contrast to when a message appears in the mailbox asking if I can receive feedback. They will now think carefully about their answer and take the time to contribute to my personal development.”

Make a good restart

P-services has completely abandoned the appraisal interviews and uses TruQu as a basis for providing insight into the performance of the employee and then regularly evaluating this together.

To ensure that TruQu is used even more actively in the future, employees and managers will be more involved. “I think everyone should be involved to make a good start. Our main goal is ultimately that people can maintain their personal development well and that there is more focus on smart goals,” concludes Esther.