Customers using TruQu

Feedback for employees

With TruQu employees can ask for feedback from colleagues, managers and clients. Thanks to this feedback, they can continuously develop themselves. The annual performance review takes on a whole different meaning, by incorporating the feedback from others. It becomes much more effective and more focused on the development of people. At Sogeti, all employees can ask for valuable feedback from their clients and colleagues. This allows them to increase their value and improve their quality of work in a simple manner.

Feedback for consultants

With TruQu employees may also solicit feedback from people outside the organization. This way, they can include feedback from customers and clients. The consultants of VANAD Group use the Feedback app to ask for immediate feedback from clients about how they perform on their job. That way they can deliver the job exactly as required by the client.

Feedback on projects

Innoleaps gives workshops and trainings on a regular basis. After each workshop the participants give feedback online. Both the content of the workshops and the trainers are given feedback. This enables Innoleaps to evaluate each workshop and use the feedback as input for the next workshop. By making use of online feedback instead of paper forms they are able to get feedback in a few minutes rather than in hours. The results are shown real-time and provide great insigt at a glance.

Feedback about the organization

The TruQu software offers not only the option for employee feedback, it also offers the possibility to conduct client and employee satisfaction surveys. All 2400 employees of Sogeti receive a request to give feedback to Sogeti as an employer. With TruQu they can compose their own questionnaire for employee satisfaction.

These organizations use TruQu for continuous improvement