Is there room for talent development in your educational institution?

With TruQu you make a habit of continuous feedback and you set the development of teachers and
students at the center of elementary school, middle school and high school education.

What are the barriers for your school?

There is a need for change. You want teachers to take control of their own development. You want feedback and the conversation cycle within the school to be carried out with rhythm. But it's a big challenge properly embedding the cycle within the school.

You don't know where to start

You notice that the conversations can be improved and that there are too few interim learning moments. Teachers need feedback and should request this among themselves more often. But, for this you need more insight into the progress of a teacher. You want to improve shaping the conversation cycle, but how? The need in your school is great, but you don't know where to start. You wonder how to achieve rhythm in the talent development of teachers. And how do you ensure a support base?

Develop a learning school

In addition to the daily school activities, you want to encourage teachers and students to be continuously involved in their personal development. However, you find it difficult to involve teachers and perhaps students from middle school with personal development. Above all, how do you actually rate a teacher?

The challenge seems too big

The quality of education must be improved continuously, personnel policy must be better supported and the development of teachers and students must receive constant attention. How do you manage this if performance appraisals also cost a lot of time and energy? How do you ensure a constant rhythm? It seems a big challenge to you to combine this in an efficient way.

What if TruQu can lead your school by applying proven processes?

From implementation and behavioral change to setting your first goal. TruQu takes you through the entire process. It doesn't get any easier!

A solution that fits your school

Teachers and students need appreciation, data that can be retrieved at all times and good conversations based on personal performance. Continuous feedback must be encouraged to utilize talent and promote self-direction.

All data from your school in one system

TruQu can guarantee the total process for talent development and feedback. Our software offers the ideal conversation cycle, appropriate templates for education and targeted feedback for teachers and students. TruQu knows education with the challenges and issues involved. By listening to everyone's wishes and needs, we are increasingly adding specific educational components. Forms that were previously stored as hard copy can now be quickly found in a digital system.

Make the development of teachers and management visible

Through TruQu, the quality of education is considerably improved. Teachers and students can use TruQu to evaluate their own range of tasks and to collect data to support the competence file. Set concrete goals, add interim results, and request 360-degree feedback on their development. Finish semesters with reflection reports and use these as a basis for a good conversation. As teachers and students grow, it has an impact on the quality of education and therefore also the school results.

Continuous feedback in a safe culture

TruQu is an immediately applicable solution that you can use right away. The tool is therefore easy to combine with daily tasks of teachers and management. Every teacher and student can directly take control of his or her development. A safe pedagogical climate is important and TruQu supports this because the data is property of the teacher and the student. And they decide whether to share this data with others or not. With your mobile you give feedback easily and that makes it even more fun for both the teacher and student.

Why schools like to use TruQu


More involvement

Continuous coaching

Higher quality

Better personnel policy


Always insight in data

Good conversations

Development opportunities

Save time


More self-management

Continuous development

Easy to use


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