Transform your Feedback Culture

Support remote working, perform continuous feedback, reduce bias and build an inclusive workplace

Remote working

Support remote working

Now more than ever, an online performance management tool is essential to support remote working. Ensure that your employees are engaged and aligned with the company’s objectives. Support them continuously and stay connected, even from a distance.

Change the yearly culture of appraisals

Traditional performance management practices required reviews once or twice per year. With TruQu, you can change your feedback culture and adopt a new norm – a norm of continuous feedback. Support your employees’ growth with continuous feedback, provide help when needed, recognize obstacles and overcome them easily.

Honest evaluations

Reduce bias with honest evaluations

Get holistically evaluated employees. Use templates to ensure that the evaluations will be performed using the same objectives. Request feedback from different people and compare self-perceptions to improve self-awareness and identify development opportunities. When employees are evaluated honestly, they can develop and feel supported, while managers can acknowledge great performance and subsequently reward it.

Build a fair and inclusive workplace

Build a strong workplace environment by including diverse people into your workforce. Provide everyone with access to development and feedback resources and allow your people to receive equal opportunities to develop.

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