Optimize performance management,
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TruQu manages the entire performance management process. By having continuous insight into employee growth, managers will benefit from the structure and overview of goals and feedback.

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With TruQu you get…

  • My ImageInsight into employee performance
  • My ImageA fully integrated performance cycle
  • My ImageRhythm and structure in objectives and feedback
  • My ImageGood conversations between employees and managers
  • My ImageInsight into talent development of employees
  • My ImageEverything is digital and organized in one place
  • My ImageLots of time savings through practical software

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manage the complete structure of the performance cycle.

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Performance cycle Goals Feedback Evaluations Compliments

Performance cycle

Manage the complete structure of the performance cycle

Introduce a rhythm between goals, feedback and evaluations. The employees in your organization will then know exactly what actions are expected of them. This ensures internal clarity and removes manual actions!

Set development goals

Targeted learning and development

Employees achieve their personal goals with the help of colleagues who provide feedback. TruQu provides numerous examples of goals, but managers can also provide inspiration. As an organization you benefit enormously from this, because employees make the difference in achieving organizational objectives. In TruQu you can share goals, add interim results and then finally complete the goal.

Ask and give constructive feedback

Involve colleagues and customers in your personal growth

Employees can request feedback within a few seconds through their own question or feedback templates. When requesting feedback, the recipient is not required to have a TruQu account. A QR code can also be used to easily provide feedback from your network and customers to involve them in your personal growth.

Evaluate and write a report

360 degree feedback

Employees can easily make an evaluation in TruQu, with the possibility to add 360-degree feedback. This makes it possible to gain insight into the employee’s strengths and areas for improvement areas over a certain timeframe. Management can also organize an evaluation for an employee and save completed reports. This gives performance management a new dimension. As an organization, you can therefore make use of various options, and choose for yourself what fits well within your company.

Give and receive compliments

Show appreciation

Positive feedback encourages employees and helps with their development. Employees can show their appreciation to colleagues by giving a compliment and then sharing this on the compliment wall of your organization. Celebrate successes and increase employee engagement!

Simple to use

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