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Performance cycle

The Performance Cycle

In TruQu, it is very easy to give structure to the entire performance cycle of your organization and make sure it operates within a certain rhythm. With the handy timeline and the rhythm between goals, feedback and evaluations, there is a complete overview of the development of you and your colleagues. Objectives are clear and transparent, and progress is easy to monitor. You can assist when necessary, give feedback, and thus inspire improvement.

development goals

Create development goals

In TruQu, you can help each other develop through the goal creation process. Employees take control of their development by creating goals that can then be easily shared. By sharing the goals, they can function as the starting point of good conversations about development. Within the goal, you can add intermediate results and action points that help divide it into smaller pieces in order to more easily achieve your short and long term goals. Get started and help each other develop!

giving feedback

Requesting and giving feedback

Receiving feedback has never been easier. Choose between different types of feedback, activate your personal feedback link, request or give feedback to anyone within your organization and network, and share your unique personal QR code to receive feedback quickly and easily. Create countless moments of feedback for you and your colleagues and transform every project into a learning opportunity!

Templates - Overview

Use templates for easy feedback and reflection

To support your development, TruQu has created a number of templates based on different types of evaluations. You can use these templates to give and request different types of feedback from your colleagues and externals, and reflect upon your performance. Use existing templates, make adjustments to them, or create custom templates from scratch according to your needs.

reflection report

Reflect on your results

After setting your goals and receiving feedback, it’s time to reflect on the results of the past period. You can create a 360-degree report by involving colleagues and other people within your network, to reflect on your development. Employees can start a self-reflection, while team coaches or admins can also organize reflections for employees within their teams.


Give compliments

Positive feedback is an important encouragement and motivational factor. With TruQu, you can send compliments to your colleagues and share them within the organisation on the compliment wall so that everybody notices. By sharing accomplishments and compliments, you will stimulate the norm of appreciation in your organization. Recognize a job well done and express your appreciation to your colleagues!

data analysis

Data Analysis & Management

With the data analysis section in TruQu, you can always be aware of the actions and the results of an employee when conducting a conversation about their development. You can request access to specific actions of employees, analyze templates and also follow daily activities. By having an overview of all procedures in your organization, the performance of employees as well as your past and current activity, you will be able to make informed decisions and act when needed.



TruQu integrates into the daily work of your employees. It is possible to link up with Google, Microsoft, ADFS and AFAS. A single sign-on adds to the security and ease of use for users when they sign in. Regarding authentication and authorization, you can use your own security standards. Enjoy the ease of use and the data quality through smart integrations.