TruQu recently offers a platform with a personal trainer who focuses on the personal career of the users. The platform expects to fill a gap created by the Corona crisis. Questions such as: ‘How do you continue to actively work on your personal development in these times?’ “How do managers see if you’re growing?” ‘How do you get feedback on your personal growth?’ are answered with this.

TruQu offers a tool with a personal trainer that helps with the personal development of professionals. The tool is proactive and transparent to managers. The participant is asked to set a goal, to ask for feedback and to give it to other participants in order to reflect on their own growth and development.

Saira Perreijn (CEO TruQu): “You can now engage a personal trainer for all facets of your life, except from your career. People want to be approached proactively when it comes to their personal development. You need someone to motivate you, keep you focused. TruQu jumps into that gap with the personal trainer for your career. The great thing is that with TruQu you can create reports that can serve as valuable input during conversations with managers. This is also a solution for managers, because it really feeds the conversations in the HR cycle.

At TruQu you can get started with your goals and your development. There is a separate offer for organizations and companies with several employees. The personal trainer will help you with:setting goals, organizing feedback, reflection reports and analyzes. TruQu also celebrates milestones and the achievements of goals. Exactly; just like a real personal trainer.

For questions and comments, please contact Saira Perreijn (CEO TruQu) on 06-41 31 89 34 / Email: saira@truqu.com