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Truqu feedback bubbles

Digital files for good conversations

With TruQu, everything is digitally organized in one tool. You can gain insights into your own development and the development of your colleagues, at all times. What’s more? With the data in TruQu you are always aware of all actions, their statuses and the results; all of which provides great information for good conversations. You can request access to certain actions of employees, analyze templates and can also follow daily activities. No surprises!

Truqu goals champion

Complete overviews of goals, feedback & reflections

With TruQu, you can have complete overviews of goals, feedback and reflections for you and your people. Check anytime which tasks are completed, shared with you and which are still active. This way, you are able to check progress, provide help when needed, and reflect on completed actions.

Give structure to your performance cycle

Put together your own timeline and set up the entire performance cycle of your organization. Give structure to your cycle and organize a rhythm between goals, feedback and reflection reports for your employees.

Organize users and teams

As an admin in TruQu, you have the possibility to invite, delete and assign the roles of users in your environment. This way, you will be able to delete unused accounts, replace them with new accounts for new employees, assign people to teams and ensure that all employees are informed and aligned with the organization’s objectives.

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