Are you ready for a new performance approach?

TruQu offers a new performance approach based on continuous feedback, more self-management and development opportunities.

Do you get the most out of your employees?

Assessment interviews are held, but these don’t add much value. Employees want to continue to develop themselves, but are unaware how and are not provided with opportunities in their organisation. What are the barriers for your organisation?

You are still tied to the traditional approach

Your organization falls back on the traditional cycle and sticks to what is known. Nobody knows how to lead change within the organization. You are looking for practical and directly applicable solutions and are not interested in specific customization.

Little time to develop and guarantee a good performance cycle

You understand the importance of a good performance management cycle, but your time and energy is limited. You notice that employees do not reach their potential, get frustrated and get stuck. This brings unnecessary worries, but you haven’t found a way to address it yet.

No or too little attention for development

Transparent goals for the organization are needed to allow an employee to set concrete and measurable development goals. An organization that does not pay attention to the development of its staff is destroying capital.

What if TruQu can lead your organization by applying proven processes?

From implementation and behavioral change to setting your first goal. TruQu takes you through the entire process. It doesn't get any easier!

A solution that suits you

Your employees need feedback that can be provided faster, easier and more often. Professionals want more control over their own learning process and development opportunities within the organization. But how?

Let employees take their own direction

Professionals can take control themselves by starting a self-reflection and sharing it with colleagues or other people from their network. Encourage to ask for feedback after every project or activity and let the employee take control of their personal development. This is possible from day one. TruQu is an immediately applicable solution that is ready to use within a few seconds.

Complete overview in a continuous process

TruQu is able to direct and register your entire performance management cycle. You can easily retrieve customer feedback and it is displayed in a well-arranged manner. Analyzing and determining opportunities to improve customer relationships becomes a piece of cake. With the support of TruQu you spend less time, you have more overview and you work continuously on the development of your employees.

Development opportunities for employees

In TruQu, employees can set specific development goals, add interim results to them, provide feedback on questions and share this comprehensive report with colleagues. Get compliments about the steps taken and add new development goals. With TruQu you guarantee the development of your staff and have enough time to spend on customers.

Why consultancy agencies like to use TruQu


Improve customer relationship

More chance of success

No expensive packages

More involvement

HR manager

Save time

Input for a good conversation

Everything digital

Help with implementation


More self-management

Continuous development

No surprises


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