People who are allowed to develop their talent perform better.

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Create a culture that promotes talent development

Encourage talent development. Then structure the entire performance cycle of the organization and ensure that it functions within a certain rhythm. With a handy timeline, a complete overview of the actions that belong to the performance cycle of your organization is displayed. The cycle view allows you to clarify goals, track goal progress, assist when needed, provide feedback and inspire improvement.

Give your employees control of their own development

With TruQu, the people within your organization take control of their own development by creating goals that can then be easily shared. Goals can be a good starting point for conversations about development, give opportunities for feedback and identify potential development opportunities.

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Request and provide continuous feedback

Maximize the output of your employees and track performance with continuous feedback. Create countless moments of feedback for you and your colleagues, and transform every project into a learning opportunity! Your employees will improve with honest evaluations without bias or negativity.

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The culture of continuous feedback

While until now yearly appraisals required uncomfortable conversations, time-consuming reviews and questionable results, the feedback culture has evolved and adopted a new norm of continuous feedback. Managers perform regular check-ins with employees to discuss pri­or­i­ties, progress against objec­tives and per­son­al devel­op­ment, and then take action to over­come obsta­cles. This has a huge impact on employee engagement and development.

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Increase competitiveness with flexible responses

Using a performance management system, you can organize and have an overview of all the projects, make data-driven decisions and ensure that goals are achieved. What is more, you can quickly respond to changing market conditions and align your goals respectively. By quickly responding to change, your market competitiveness will be maximized.

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Monitor performance and overcome obstacles

To help your people remain productive, analyze their performance and then follow-up activities of user actions. With data analysis, you can identify development opportunities real-time and give solutions to possible obstacles. You will always be informed and your employees will keep improving.

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