Give and ask team feedback online

Use team feedback to improve the performance and engagement of teams
Improve the performance of the whole team. Thanks to continuous feedback teams can get better every day. Create a culture of team feedback with TruQu.


Feedback within teams

Team members can easily ask for feedback or give each other feedback via the Feedback app and the website. Team members can keep this feedback for themselves or share it with the team.


Feedback in agile teams

In agile teams feedback is essential for improvement and personal development. This can easily be done via the Feedback App. This way team members can take responsibility for both their own quality and the quality of the team.



Ask after each project or sprint how the team members have experienced it. What went well, what could be done better? In addition to the personal development of team members you can also improve the quality of the project this way.

Team feedback via Web and App

Encourage positive feedback within teams to improve both individual performance and team performance.

Make online feedback part of the team culture. Get the most uit of feedback using the online feedback tools. Give team members compliments and positive feedback. Start the conversation with teammates and improve team performance.

Feedback App

Asking and giving feedback is extremely easy via the feedback App. This is an app for your smartphone that allows you to give and ask feedback any time.

Real-time insight

Immediately read the feedback you receive using the app or the website. Get real-time insight into your performance and goals.

Feedback for agile teams

Create a feedback loop within projects and make adjustments when necessary. Look back through sprint reviews where team members can provide feedback on the progress of a project.

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