We make life long learning easy for you. These are all the features you need.

TruQu makes sure you can work on your own development with the right tools at the right time. See all our features below so you can gain insight on how we help you.

Goal module

Setting a goal is key to gain insight in how you would like to improve. The following features will help you set the right goal.

Set action points

Set action points and create a step-by-step plan to reach your goal. Creating concrete steps will help you keep track of the relevant actions to undertake and will force you to think about your game plan in advance.

Fill in intermediate results

Κeep track of your progress by adding intermediate results. An easy way to keep track of all information that is relevant for goal-completion. Intermediate results will appear on your goal timeline accompanied by the date of entrance.

Set a target

Add a target to your goal and express progress in numbers. Keep track of absolute figures, add percentages of a task or incorporate KPI’s.

Set a deadline

Add a deadline to your goal! Adding an end date will mobilize your energy and will push you to complete your goal. According to these dates, your goals will be entered to your reflection reports.

Share your goal

Share your goal with your colleagues to give them more insights on what you’re working on. This, in turn, will result in relevant feedback which will help you grow and reach your objectives.

Upload files

Upload files to the timeline of your goal to include all relevant information. This can be Pictures, PDF’s, word documents, etc, all to create a complete overview.

Feedback module

To grow you need feedback! Our tool has a well expanded feedback module that will help you exactly with doing that. Easy peasy.

Ask feedback

Gain insights on your development by asking for peer-to-peer feedback from a colleague, entire teams or external by entering email addresses. Select a template to gather feedback, or ask your own questions. Link your feedback request to your goal and it will appear on the timeline of your goal.

Give spontanious feedback

Choose a colleague to give feedback to in order to help with their personal development. Choose a template and fill in your feedback immediately. As soon as you click on send, your colleague will receive a message.

Ask feedback to colleagues and externals

Share the feedback you have received with other colleagues and initiate development conversations. Updating others of your development might be fruitful for yourself in the long run! Maybe they’ll add to the feedback, or help you grow by considering your learning points.

Share your feedback

Share the feedback you have received with other colleagues and initiate development conversations. Updating others of your development might be fruitful for yourself in the long run! Maybe they’ll add to the feedback, or help you grow by considering your learning points.

Feedback link & QR Code

Get feedback where, when and from whomever you want with the personal feedback link or QR-code. Add this link to your email signature, distribute it after a presentation or post it on LinkedIn or other channels. Choose a relevant template and attach it to your personal feedback link

Reflection module

Reflect by looking back at your goals and the feedback you have collected. Add your data to your report to make it easier! Reflect frequently to prevent looking back too far in time.

Create a self reflection

Select a template and look back at a certain time-period to reflect on your learning. Add colleagues or external email addresses to reflect together, and create a 360degree report that states your development.

Organize a reflection

As a coach or an admin, organize a reflection for your colleagues. Select who will be reflecting with whom, and orchestrate a moment of learning!

Attach your actions

By selecting a specific time period for your reflection report, all the actions that have been undertaken within the tool during that time period will appear. Choose and add the relevant actions according to your reflection. Actions include feedback you have received, goals you have worked on and compliments others have given you.

Share your report

If you do not want to invite your colleague to reflect together, but you do want to share the outcome of your report, you can always share your reflection report after you have completed it. This could be, for instance, your coach. The shared reflection could function as a conversation starter.

Generate a PDF

Download your report and print your reflection to save it offline. Use it as a framework for a conversation and leave your distracting computer turned off.


There’s always time to give a compliment! This form of positive feedback is motivating and is part of a healthy feedback culture.

Give compliments

Show your appreciation and give your colleague a compliment! Attach a fun icon and explain your gratitude. Compliments can be added to reflection reports and/or be added to the compliment wall of your organization.

Receive compliments

Receive compliments and get energized! Compliments are an important part of learning as they describe what you’re doing well. Share your compliment with others and show your progress. Add it to your reflection if it’s relevant!

The compliment wall

The compliment wall shows all the compliments that are shared within the environment. It can be a nice motivator and radiates positivity.


As an admin it is possible to customize your environment in numerous ways, making it possible to create a perfect fit between TruQu and your organization. A standard TruQu arrangement is installed to make it easy for you to get started before you customize.

Manage environment
(users, teams)

As an admin you can add, edit and remove users. Manage your users by single sign on and integration with Google Suite or Azure AD, bulk import or synchronisation by CSV, or by entering users manually. Create teams, add members, and assign coaches to specific teams. You are in complete control over these formats.

Setting up a performance cycle

All faces towards the same cycle. That’s what you want to achieve. Organise a rhythm in which users use the tool and set a minimum amount of actions per cycle. These actions include feedback, goals and reflection.

Gain data insight

See how people are performing. With smart data insights, you can check out the activity overview for each user and team and take actions to help them. What is more? Template analysis will give you insights into the feedback received per template. You can always download the data to a CSV of Excel to conduct further analysis.

Activate people

Activate your users via activation messages sent through TruQu. By sending activation messages to your users, people are reminded to start working.Compose your message, choose a subject and describe what you want to communicate with the users. Select specific colleagues, teams or the entire organisation to send your message to.

Create templates

Create feedback templates to structure the way feedback is given, asked for and reflected on. The templates can have open questions, ratings, sliders and multiple choice answer options. Opt in for a private template or make answers accessible to team coaches and admins straight away. Save as a draft before publishing! Access the overview and manage the templates that are online, drafted and archived. Archive templates that aren’t relevant anymore and prevent cluttering your TruQu environment.

Upload files

Organize your projects by adding attachments. Either you are creating a goal, making a feedback request or reflecting, you can upload files with all the useful information that you want to include.


Use these functionalities to make sure the environment fits the needs of your organization and to create a safe environment that facilitates development!

Two factor

Gain a high level of security with two factor authentication. This is done for better protection of the user’s data and credentials.

Integrations (Google, AFAS, Azure, Salesforce)

TruQu offers integrations with G-Suite, AzureAD, ADFS, AFAS and Salesforce. With a single sign-on using their company email  address and password and user synchronization, users can now sign in easily and securely. Enjoy the ease of use and the data quality through smart integrations.

Personalize environments

Add the look and feel of your organization to your environment and personalize your learning and development experience. Add a fun and colorful image to your login screen, incorporate your logo into the TruQu header and even add your own favicon.