Apr 28

How to react to feedback? With feedback!

The feedback loop


Day-to-day feedback is helping professionals to improve their performance, development and skills. Theoretically everyone agrees on that. But reality is different. Feedback is not incorporated in the culture of most organizations.


Face-to-face feedback is difficult

So how come that we don’t follow our gut feeling and start using the power of feedback? Probably because we think that we should give it directly face to face. This way of giving feedback is often considered the best. But this face-to-face feedback is still difficult for a lot of people, not part of the organizational culture and needs some practice to be used effectively. Marshall Goldsmith offers a great perspective on feedback: “There’s only two things wrong with providing successful people with feedback. They don’t want to hear it from us and we don’t want to give it to them

How to get structured feedback?

So how can we make it easier to start using the powerful tool of feedback in your organization?  Nowadays everyone can give feedback in an organization by using tools like TruQu. This will help people to give structured feedback (and compliments) on situations, presentations, roles etc. By giving structured feedback, and the receiver acting on it (the feedback loop), the conversation can start and high-performance organizations are built.

Feedback loop in daily practice

See below how the feedback loop can be used in daily practice. TruQu can be used to gather the feedback and react on the feedback. The face-to-face conversation can be used to explain in more detail the feedback and the action of the receiver.

Continuous feedback loop in time


The basics of a feedback culture in your organization starts with making sure you have the right tools implemented to support the desired behavior. In the end it is not the tool that will make the feedback loop successful, but people using the tool.

Introducing feedback to feedback can start the conversation in your organizations. Want to see how TruQu implemented feedback on feedback? Please email us or request a free demonstration.

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About The Author

Eelco is the co-founder of TruQu. Based on his experience with working with professionals he came to the conclusion that performance improvements in every organisation allways start at the same point: the people working for that organisation. Based on that he started to work on TruQu. A solution that helps professionals grow and improve their performance with simple and easy feedback.