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HR Gamification and feedback solutions will not replace the annual review!

The power of gamification is known and you can find a lot of examples on how gamification is used in non-gaming environments and how it boosts the performance and engagement of customers/users. You can find some great examples of this. Some other great examples of how gamification can change behaviour can be found on The Fun Theory. It all shows the potential and the effect of adding ‘gamification’ elements to change behaviour.

Annual review evaluation

Gamification in HR

Also within HR processes Gamification is widespread. In recruitment and learning environments a lot of gaming elements are added to enrich ‘old’ processes with new gamification elements. All with the objective to increase the impact, change behaviour or select the best fitting professional.

Performance management processes enriched with gamification elements

With new feedback solutions on the market like TruQu, the performance management processes are also enriched with gamification elements. Employees are now in control to take ownership of their own growth, performance and development by giving and receiving day-to-day feedback. The biggest advantage of this is that the crowd (peers, colleagues and even customers) are used to value employee’s behaviour and provide them with feedback on how their performance can improve and give them continuous compliments on what went well. This in the end, will help employees to grow, be more happy and for organisations to increase their performance.

So can we replace the current annual review with this new way of working with day-to-day feedback?

My answer to that is NO! Day-to-day feedback cannot replace the annual review. The role of this annual review will become more important than ever. In the past these conversations during the annual review where often based on examples on what had happened that year and now these conversations will be based on ‘big-data’ gathered by the employee himself. Mapping someone’s development to his/her objectives with real data, will finally give that meeting real value. So feedback adds value to the annual performance reviews. It will enrich it, not replace it.

So yes, feedback solutions will change the way performance management is shaped, but it will not replace the yearly annual review with your manager.

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Eelco is the co-founder of TruQu. Based on his experience with working with professionals he came to the conclusion that performance improvements in every organisation allways start at the same point: the people working for that organisation. Based on that he started to work on TruQu. A solution that helps professionals grow and improve their performance with simple and easy feedback.