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The Best Mobile App for Employee Feedback

Real-time feedback for all employees with the TruQu Feedback App
Access to feedback about your performance anytime, anywhere. Improve yourself every day thanks to real-time feedback with the TruQu Feedback App.


Online feedback

All the advantages of online feedback in a mobile application. Continuous feedback for all employees. Give instant feedback anywhere. Get real-time insight in your performance.


Enhance Feedback Culture

Create a feedback culture with the online and mobile feedback application. Appeal to the increasingly younger workforce that appreciates instant feedback from co-workers.


Give compliments

Use the feedback app to give compliments to your colleagues. Praise your colleagues to celebrate employee milestones. By giving compliments you can boost morale and engagement.

Mobile App For Employee Feedback

Feedback boosts performance and increases employee engagement. Create a culture of feedback with online feedback for all employees.

Make online feedback part of the team culture. Get the most out of feedback using the Feedback App for your smartphone. Give employees compliments and positive feedback.

Feedback App

The Feedback App is available for Android and iOS. Employees without a smartphone are able to use the Web App to give, receive and read their feedback.

Real-time insight

Immediately read the feedback you receive using the app or the website. Get real-time insight into your performance and goals.

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