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Better feedback for all employees

Continuous feedback is the new standard and TruQu is the modern way to improve performance management.

The key features of TruQu

Feedback for all employees

Suitable for small and large organizations. Employees can start asking feedback immediately. Employees can ask feedback from colleagues, but also from people outside the organization (such as clients).

Personal feedback & questionnaires

Employees can ask feedback about any situation as they are able to create their own custom feedback question. In addition the organization can add questionnaires that employees can choose from.

Add goals

Every employee is unique and has its own talents and goals. In TruQu employees can specify on which goals they want to grow. These can be personal and organizational goals.

Internal and external feedback

You can easily select a colleague for internal feedback, but you can also use the email address of someone outside the company to ask feedback from externals.


TruQu helps with implementation, activation and engagement. New customers get a comprehensive starter kit so they can use the knowledge and experience of TruQu. In addition, our experts are always available for questions and advice.

Give compliments

Employees and managers can send compliments to colleagues. Show your appreciation and increase employee engagement.

Web & App

Feedback directly from your smartphone. Use the (responsive) website or download the Feedback app. Access your feedback anywhere.

Let employees take initiative

Employees can take initiative of when to ask for feedback and to whom. They can share their feedback with colleagues and managers.

Multiple Languages

The software is available in both English and Dutch.

Export data

It is possible to export your data to Excell and CSV.

Custom styling

Use your own logo, your own URL and your own background image.


Gain insight into your personal performance and the performance of your organization. See how you develop on your goals.

Trigger from management or HR

As a manager you can ask feedback for users in your team. This way, management can help ensure that relevant feedback is collected.

Schedule feedback

You can schedule feedback requests. This helps you get feedback frequently.

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“TruQu makes giving and asking feedback fun to do”

Koen de Rooij – Manager Driessen HRM