TruQu ensures that employees take control of their own development and can request feedback in their working environment in an easy way.

Feedback makes it possible to see points for improvement and develop talent.

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Give each other feedback on the performance in order to develop and learn throughout the year. Continuous online feedback from colleagues, managers or customers gives much more insight into where improvements are possible.

With TruQu you can also analyze the feedback you have received. This gives you direct insight into the progress of a team and each individual employee.

With the help of feedback it is possible to see points for improvement and discover talent.

Develop your talent

Link feedback to goals and employee behavior. This way the development can be maximally stimulated.

Develop faster with easy feedback

Get insight in the personal development of colleagues

More involvement through a two-way conversation

This is TruQu

Ask feedback

You can easily ask everyone for feedback. The recipient does not need a TruQu account.

Set goals

Set your goals, link your feedback and learn.

Give compliments

Celebrate successes and give each other compliments

Plan feedback

Get feedback ready to send requests automatically at a certain time.

Reflection report

Reflect on yourself and share this with others. This is how you become better every day.


Follow activities and get insights in your development.

Simple and effective.

What our customers say:

"Aranea uses TruQu to develop and professionalize its employees. With TruQu, employees can easily request 360 degree feedback from customers and colleagues, in order to get more insight in their development. As an organization we have raised our feedback culture to a higher level."

Aad van den Boogaart, Managing Partner - Aranea

"With TruQu we have the feeling that we can make something beautiful together. A week after we were enthusiastic, a product tour was given and you listened to what we were saying. The support in the software itself is also great."

Adri Cornelissen - Fontys Hogescholen

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