Mar 22

TruQu in Barcelona: Changing HR!

There we were! Together with Eelco I presented TruQu in Barcelona. The first international business trip for TruQu. While we are working (and playing) hard in the Netherlands to let our business grow and develop our great solution, we were invited by Teneo events at HRCoreLab Barcelona, in the most amazing city in Spain. We were announced as “HR game changer” . Exciting. High expectations. With a bit of tension we where looking forward to this event with 300+ HR management from all over Europe.


IESE: The Future of HR

After check-in in the hotel, we attended the opening workshop with about 80 participants. Relaxed, because the ‘official’ event should start the next day. But then the first moment of excitement occured. We were invited to the Business School of Barcelona, called IESE. Professor Sebastien Brior from Cambridge was lecturing about data and sharing data by individuals. During his lecture about the future of HR he suddenly showed the audience a sheet with some logo’s of new and innovative companies in the world. He mentioned those companies as promising…. guess what, our logo was presented at this sheet!! The logo of our own TruQu presented at one of Barcelona’s top academies by a professor. The event had begun! We were there.


Introduce feedback to grow organisations

The next day we pitched in front of about 200 HR managers. 5 minutes pitch and 5 minutes Q&A. I think we did a good job, based upon the companies that wanted to meet us afterwards. Sweat on my body, but we succeeded. We announced our vison on Feedback within organisations and the opportunity for HR to introduce feedback in a new way and use it to grow their organisations.


The event really surpised me in a positive way. I did not expect such a high quality of content and such a strong base of speakers with strong visions and best-practises they wanted to share. With the solution TruQu provides, we are one of the players in the field of HR. This world is not a new world to me, but listening to all the stories I (again) realised more and more that the role of HR will become more and more important for successful organisations. Nowadays it is al all about happiness of employees, engagement, effectiveness and enablement. HR is really becoming strategic in a way that is is supporting organisations to face the changing world around it. HR is able to realise communities, shape good teams and keep the momentum going within organisations to change into new structures. We have seen HR management of disrupting organisations like Spotify, Airbnb, TUI, IBM and many more. Those companies are really able to bring people together, to enhance learning programs, to create two-way dialogues and to fill the gaps in this sharing economy. I was really amazed by the way those organisations act and the way they create winning teams. HR is seen as core in those successful organisations!!

5 challenges HR is facing

The coming weeks I will write some more content and visualize my ideas, but here I like to share 5 challenges HR is facing nowadays. Challenges HR is struggling with since years. But again, HR can overcome these challenges and I was inspired by thise 5 aspects by Dave Miller from IBM. He calls it the 5 C’s:

– Credibility. HR is fighting against historic perception;
– Commercial. HR must stop fighting to be strategic. Commercialism adds the value;
– Capability. Our HR data system has to improve;
– Courage. HR can not be disruptive;
– Confidence. HR is too reactive and not proactive enough

When I was in Barcelona at the event, I realized that HR will beat these challenges and that HR will help organisation to transform to successful (Agile) organisations.

Looking back at HRcoreLab

So, looking back, I am a happy man. Our first international trip with TruQu! We successfully introduced TruQu in the international HR community. We had a great audience and we already have some companies interested to work with TruQu. One of them will start within a few days!


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Bart Kollau is the founding partner and CRO (Chief Reviews Officer) of TruQu.