The art of giving compliments

It’s always good to give compliments. Positive feedback motivates others and creates a good feedback culture.


Compliment each other via TruQu. Stimulate development by positively stimulating employees. Compliments can also be given to teams so that teams are also encouraged as a group.

Give compliments

Show your appreciation and compliment your colleague! Choose
a nice picture and write a compliment. Compliments
can be added to reflection reports. Spread the word and share your compliment on the compliment wall.  

Received compliments

If you have received compliments, it’s possible to share it on the compliment wall. Compliments are an important part of learning as they describe what you do well. 

Share your compliment with others and show your progress. add it to you reflection if it’s relevant!

Wall of compliments

The compliments wall shows all the compliments shared within the environment. It can be a fun motivator and radiate positivity.

Join and grow with us! 

Countless talents have achieved their goals with TruQu.

TruQu supports the high performance culture and ensures bonding within teams.


Growing is pushing boundaries. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

TruQu facilitates a ‘journey of discovery’ with a diverse platform for managers and employees.

Saira Perreijn

CEO at TruQu