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TruQu pricing


€5 per user per month
(billed annually)

€6 per user per month
(billed monthly)

  • Standard branding
  • Expert content
  • Expert onboarding (optional)
TruQu pricing TruQu recommended


€6 per user per month
(billed annually)

€7 per user per month
(billed monthly)

  • Customized branding
  • Single Sign On
  • Expert content
  • Expert onboarding (optional)
TruQu pricing


Cost arranged per agreement

For companies larger than 200 employees.A tailor made plan adjusted to the needs of your organisation.

TruQu Extras

Top Features!

  • Great dashboard
  • Goal module
  • Feedback module
  • Reflection module
  • Compliments module
  • Admin panel

Try TruQu for 30 days, FREE of charge!

No strings attached. Try TruQu for 30 days without providing any payment information. Not convinced yet? Request a demo by one of our employees to get a complete overview of our product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How ‘free’ is TruQu the first 30 days?

No strings attached. Try TruQu for 30 days. Free of cost and without providing any payment information. Not convinced yet? Request a demo by one of our employees and get a complete tour of our product. 

Do I get an automatic invoice after the trial?

No, don’t worry. When you decide to continue after your successful trial, we will request your payment details and we’ll send you an invoice.

What happens after my trial?

After 30 days we hope you’re happy, we hope that TruQu exceeds your expectations and that you choose to set up a TruQu environment of your own! Once you have your TruQu-environment you’ll be able to add the logo of your organization and to personalize your environment even more :). We will be in touch with you to discuss your TruQu experience! Please let us know if you have any questions or remarks, we’ll be happy to help you with any considerations you might have.

Am I able to cancel my subscription without any hassle?

Of course! In addition to yearly contracts we also offer a monthly subscription. A monthly subscription will give you extra freedom and the possibility to terminate your subscription with a month’s notice. Even though, ideally, we would love to keep you around :). 

What features does TruQu have?

TruQu offers endless features that will support all employees to independently, yet interdependently, work on their personal development. Have a look at our feature page and see a complete overview of all our exciting features. Be warned! Every two weeks we release new updates and product improvements.

How does TruQu arrange its invoicing?

Once you have a TruQu subscription, you will get an invoice every month, based on the real-time number of users. If you choose a yearly contract, we’ll request payment for the entire year at the start of our collaboration. Yearly contracts are offered a discount!

Which subscriptions does TruQu offer?

We offer a monthly subscription and a yearly subscription. Our monthly subscription is flexible and will credit real-time user counts per month. By investing in a yearly subscription you’ll opt in for a nice discount. Pick your favorite advantage! 

What happens if I add users to my TruQu environment?

In case of a monthly subscription you will always pay for the real-time amount of users in your environment. The invoice will state the amount of users in your environment and you’ll be billed accordingly. In case of a yearly subscription, you’ll receive an extra monthly invoice for the user amount that exceeds your initial agreement. Easy as that!

What kind of support does TruQu offer?

Keeping you happy is one of our main objectives. We offer several possibilities to give you the best support. Have a look at to get to know more about our product. Use our live chat to speak to one of our helpful colleagues by clicking on our chat widget. In addition, it’s always possible to send us an e-mail, or to just give us a call!