Reflect and evaluate

Each period of the development cycle is concluded with a reflection report, consisting of all collected data from that specific period. Goals, feedback and compliments form the basis. This reflection report is the preparation for the development meeting. During this meeting, the employee and manager discuss the development together.

Organize reflection reports

Set up the structure for conducting the development interviews . TruQu offers various templates for this. During the implementation, we design templates that fit the culture of your organization. Let the employee take the lead or share responsibility in the development process.

The employee takes control

The employee starts filling in the reflection report and then shares it. The employee can collect input from colleagues to enrich the report and then send it to the manager.

The manager takes control

The manager organizes the moment when the employee starts reflecting. With this option, the manager can choose to first complete the reflection for the employee or to give the employee the option of self-reflection.

The development meeting

The reflection report is the best preparation for a good conversation, especially the development meeting. A look back at the past months and a preview with actions for the future.

Insights into the employee's experience

The employee's own consideration based on the period worked and the goals set

Insights into collaboration with colleagues

The experience of the coworkers in collaboration with the colleague

Reflect based on data

The right preparation for having a good and meaningful conversation

What does a reflection report look like?

A practical overview with all collected data provides quick insights into the development!

The personal development of the goals and targets are added to the report

Track the employee’s contribution to team goals

The interim feedback and compliments are added to the report

How do goals work within TruQu?

Help employees set concrete goals, targets, and actions. Also organize team goals, so that each team contributes to the growth of your organization.