Deploy TruQu with a TruQu Expert

Make use of a TruQu Expert to innovate Performance & Talent Management.

We are happy to help you along the way. Our experts work with a practical implementation plan in which you are fully guided. An approach that fits the DNA of your organization.

The intake

We help every organization on its way. Our goal is to implement a new way of working for performance management that fits with the DNA of your organization.

Intake with a scan

We map out the current situation, so that we can offer the right plan of approach for the implementation

Goals & requirements

We discuss the goals and requirements to truly embed TruQu into the culture and DNA of your organization

Expert advice

We provide appropriate advice with an action plan for the implementation of TruQu within your organization

Expert implementation

Implement TruQu together with a TruQU Expert to smoothly transition to a new way of working.

The action plan forms the basis for applying TruQu within your organization. We strive for sustainable change. The TruQu Expert remains connected to your organization even after implementation.

Implementation plan