Design your goals and evolve

Set your goals, make the right steps and take control of your development

Give your people control of their development - Goals

Give your people control of their development

In TruQu, employees take control of their development while setting goals aligned with the objectives of the organization. Goal creation aims to support employees’ development, achieve growth and bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Through this process, people in your organization will feel like valuable members of the team. Find inspiration with goals in TruQu or stimulate employees to create their own goals!

Set your roadmap to success

Set your roadmap to success

Create tangible goals to assist development in a more focused way.  After setting a goal, you can share it with your colleagues to get feedback, add intermediate results and add action points. These steps will help you divide your goal into smaller steps – determining your roadmap to success. Coaches can stimulate their employees to set goals to reach the objectives of the organization as well as their personal improvement. All colleagues within your organization can now plan concrete steps to achieve goals and, most importantly, get feedback at any point of the process!

Overview of the goals

Have the overview of all goals

With goals overviews, you can organise your goals in the best possible way. You can easily see all the active, completed and shared goals with you. This helps you keep track  of your projects and have control.