Collect Feedback and ask for advice

Collect feedback anytime, anywhere. Employees and managers provide each other constructive feedback and feedback can be requested from external parties, such as customers. Collect 360 degree feedback in a variety of ways.

Organize feedback

TruQu offers various options to collect feedback quickly and easily.

Employees can smoothly ask for advice on their set goals. Customers can easily give feedback without needing a TruQu account.

Feedback templates

Use countless feedback templates from TruQu. Help employees on their way by requesting structured feedback with various templates.

Personal questions

Employees can ask for feedback from colleagues or customers anytime and anywhere. In addition to the templates, it is possible to write questions yourself.

Feedback links & QR

Do you have a favorite feedback template? Then make it a personal link and QR code. Choose the convenience and share the same link over and over again!


Employees can start a conversation online based on the feedback received. TruQu encourages both online and offline conversations to discuss personal development. This can be done on an interim basis, about the development of goals and feedback obtained or given.

Connecting feedback to goals and reflections

Employees can request feedback on specific goals, so that it is also directly linked to a goal’s timeline. The goals and feedback can be linked to the reflection report in one handy overview. Every employee periodically makes a self-reflection based on all collected data.