Reports & Analytics

Analyze data in TruQu in different dimensions. Gain insight into the total organization, per team or employee.

Analyze data at various levels

Follow both the activity within your organization and the substantive development that employees are going through.

Filter on teams or activities so that you can use the data to direct and guide.

Our team is happy to help you initiate new change steps based on the collected data.

Organization activities

Track the activities within your organization and the contributions of employees.

Filter by teams or activities so that you can use the data to set or adjust goals.

Team activities

In addition to HR, leaders have a hugely important role in creating a feedback culture. Empower managers and ensure that the activities within teams are transparent for conducting development discussions.

Employee activity

Follow the activity of employees and offer additional support if necessary. Managers only see the relevant data from their own team members.

Organization activities

Check activities of the entire organization

Team activities

Check activities of specific teams​

User activity

Check activities of specific users

About you

Check your own activities​

Template analysis​

Insight into the feedback received per template​

Share data

Set data settings for your organization here

Reports based on templates

Analyze customer feedback for your organization. By means of feedback templates, it becomes possible to analyze data.

What grade does the customer give your employee and what is the average given to the various teams?

The customer can of course also provide substantive feedback so that the figures are correctly interpreted.


Join and grow with us! 

Countless talents have achieved their goals with TruQu.

TruQu supports the high performance culture and ensures bonding within teams.


Growing is pushing boundaries. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

TruQu facilitates a ‘journey of discovery’ with a diverse platform for managers and employees.

Saira Perreijn

CEO at TruQu