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Follow the personal development of employees and challenge talents to grow. Organize one-on-one meetings based on goals, feedback and reflection.



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Organize the
development cycle

Keep talent within your team. Organize structure and rhythm for development conversations. The cycle ensures the continuous collection of feedback, setting goals and planning future development conversations.

Empower employees and set goals together.

The core modules of the development cycle

As soon as the structure is optimized for your organization, employees start working on their goals and ask for advice and feedback about these. Subsequently, there is periodic evaluation.

Set SMART personal goals

Set personal learning goals and set targets. Work with your team on team goals and divide the actions among the employees.

Ask for feedback

Collect feedback from colleagues and customers on an ongoing basis. Add these insights to the reflection reports as input for the development meeting.

Reflect and evaluate

Prepare one-on-one meetings with the reflection report at hand. Evaluate the progress regarding the set goals and the application of the feedback received.

Integrate TruQu in the IT landscape of your organization!

Make it easy for your employees. Work with TruQu from Microsoft Teams and use the same login details on both platforms. Every employee can keep track of actions through a link with their personal agenda.

Google Suite

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A practical single sign on link

AFAS software

Single sign on link and user synchronization

Microsoft Azure

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Countless talents have achieved their goals with TruQu.

TruQu supports the high performance culture and ensures bonding within teams.