Anonymous Feedback to colleagues: To do or not to do?

While new feedback culture requires continuous feedback for employees, more and more companies are therefore using handy tools and apps with which employees can inquire and provide feedback. Nevertheless, the use of these tools varies. One of these situations is the example of anonymous feedback that will be analysed in this article. Should feedback be […]

Performance Reviews time? Or not?

This blog post analyzes a hot HR topic within organizations: assessment, development and feedback. What goes wrong with performance reviews? What goes wrong and why does no one look forward to performance reviews anymore? According to surveys, employees derive little value from these conversations since they see them as subjective. One manager can bring out […]

Online feedback during COVID-19 times

During these uncertain times, the whole world is experiencing a new reality because of COVID-19. A lot of businesses have been affected and are trying to adapt under these new circumstances that have altered their way of working. While in the past there were some companies that used to work remotely, now more than ever, […]

Why is performance management crucial for every organization?

Now more than ever, more and more companies worldwide understand the importance of performance management as a key for an effective organization. Thus, they have decided to incorporate it into their daily routines as a tool for continuous monitoring and improvement. But what is performance management and how has it evolved from the old practices […]

The 6 largest HR trends for 2020

We are almost at the end of 2019, which means it is high time to get ready for 2020. TruQu has researched the latest and greatest HR trends so that you can act on this on time. Because of this collection of HR trends it is no longer necessary to look further and you can […]

Adjusting the performance cycle is an important theme

The modern employee wants an environment where he can optimally develop his talents, where he has a say and where he can exert influence. The result: greater enthusiasm, better involvement of employees and a better functioning organization. A wonderful job for HR. But how do you achieve this?   Greater enthusiasm and more committed employees. […]

Set personal goals in the workplace

Read more about how to set personal goals in the workplace. It’s about combining your strengths and achieving goals with clear thinking.

The changing face of performance management

Much can be found about the meaning of performance management. In short, performance management includes all activities that ensure that smart goals of employees are achieved effectively and efficiently. It focuses on the performance of the entire organization, employees, HR managers, etc. This allows you to understand and improve every part of the organization as a […]

8 tips for ambitious and achievable goals

Previously we shared why it is important to set personal goals on the work floor and how to get started with this. But, it may be that you find it difficult to actually set these goals and make them realistic and concrete. We give you eight tips to formulate ambitious and achievable goals in order […]

The 7 largest emerging HR trends for 2019

The start of a new year is a time to look back on 2018, but also to look ahead to 2019. What would you have done differently and where do you see room for improvement? What should HR pay attention to this year? What will be the biggest HR-trends and are there any opportunities? In […]