Sustainable Implementation: alignment between TruQu and other systems

One way to effect behavioral change is to make it as easy as possible to display the desired behavior. When you make sure that the new initiative is the easiest and most obvious option, people will choose this option rather than when the circumstances are not set up like that. It is possible to achieve […]

Growing is pushing boundaries

Growing is pushing boundaries Saira Perreijn, CEO TruQu “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens”. Some don’t get a kick out of this statement, but for me it hits the nail on the head. After all, the greatest opportunities for professional and personal growth are also off the beaten track. Without growth […]

Sustainable Implementation: aligning systems and rules

Integrating TruQu One of the ways to accomplish behaviour change is to make sure the desired behaviour is the easiest way to behave. Presenting the new initiative as the most obvious or attractive choice makes it more likely to be adopted. It is possible to achieve this desired set up by, for example, integrating the […]

Sustainable Implementation: set the right example

How to make change stick? A frequent question or difficulty that arises, is how to keep using TruQu up after the launch, when all the commotion of the ‘new’ has ended. This is not strange at all, as changing the way of working or behaviour within your organisation in general takes some serious effort. Therefore, […]

The foundation of feedback culture

Create support among employees and set the grounds for a feedback culture! Read more: Performance Reviews time? Or not? The questionable value of appraisal interviews  We often hear from our customers that it takes a lot of time and effort for managers to assess employees in one meeting about their performance, to give feedback, to discuss […]

Traditional appraisal performance reviews: Are they still necessary?

How effective is the annual appraisal performance reviews really? Are employees motivated or is it counterproductive? More and more organizations are questioning the traditional appraisal interview and some even decided to abolish it. Read more: Performance Reviews time? Or not? Billion euros on frustrating appraisals According to Kilian Wawoe, a lecturer in Human Resources Management […]

The guide to employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is an important topic to take into account within an organization. It often does not happen automatically and must be paid attention to keeping employees satisfied and involved within the organization. This guide shows several steps that must be taken into account. Read more: Performance Reviews time? Or not? What is satisfaction? Employee satisfaction […]

What to choose and why: Performance Reviews VS Continuous Feedback

What goes wrong in the relationship between performance management and reviews? First, there are no positive expectations concerning the current method. Everyone is expecting yearly appraisals. As a result, this procedure can be stressful. One of the major mistakes that the majority of managers does is the focus on what is not going well. Instead […]

Why bluechip companies are moving away from appraisals?

Real-time feedback is gaining in popularity and annual review is slowly disappearing. The annual assessment often takes place at the end of the year, but does not appear to be representative and does not increase motivation. The employee is assessed on the last period and does not agree with the assessment. A number of large […]