Growing is pushing boundaries

Growing is pushing boundaries

Saira Perreijn, CEO TruQu

Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens”. Some don’t get a kick out of this statement, but for me it hits the nail on the head. After all, the greatest opportunities for professional and personal growth are also off the beaten track. Without growth there is little ‘magic’. Fortunately, there are various trends that can give growth in your career an extra impulse and are also groundbreaking for TruQu.

Planning your career via a predetermined path is becoming rare. Careers and growth paths have become more diverse and versatile. I am a textbook example of this myself. Through various HR courses and various positions, I made the step to become CEO, and recently even a shareholder of a software company with ambitious plans. I couldn’t have planned it this way. And now I have the great challenge of not only continuing my growth path, but also charting that of the organization.

3 trends that give growth an extra boost
To get started with this, the current developments are in my favour. I see various trends that can give both the growth of professionals and organizations an important impulse.

1. Increased adoption of technology
Technology is playing an increasingly important role in many activities. After all, software makes processes smarter, faster and of better quality. Also in the field of performance management. The use of separate Excel sheets or Word files with assessments and scores did little for the actual growth of professionals. The needs in this area also have changed, as companies are set up differently. Where you used to see much more layering and task-oriented managers in organizations, there are now more and more self-managing teams with coaches who do not steer on tasks, but are supportive and facilitating.

The adoption of online environments that make it easy to collaborate and where information can be shared, is therefore increasing rapidly. TruQu is a good example of this and can easily be integrated in daily work and in the communication between coaches and employees.

2. Less focus on scores
More organizations are choosing to no longer work with scores for the performance management of their employees. Figures have become subordinate to qualitative data. It’s about continuously assessing employees how they can be helped and what they want to become better at. This allows you to retrieve important in depth information and feedback that will benefit the growth of professionals.

3. Broader view on tasks and talent
Fixed functions and strictly defined tasks are gradually being released. More attention is paid to the organization of teams and how to make the best use of the talent present in them. Also tasks are rotated which enables people to experience other activities. This makes your employees’ job more fun, which also benefits the engagement and their loyalty to the employer.

Growth TruQu: broadening and going abroad
It’s clear that with these trends TruQu is poised for success. We have a lot of experience working for IT organizations and with digital teams where agile working is the standard. We also see that progressive organizations in other sectors are increasingly applying this. That is why, in addition to growth in the IT sector, I also see an opportunity to push our boundaries and apply our best practices more widely.

Agile also entails an open and transparent culture in which growth and development are important. Performance management fits in seamlessly with this. Also the attention for our domain is increasing, partly due to the globalization of the labor market. This means that for some functions you’re competing with companies worldwide and therefore have to show that you’re continuously investing in your employees.

At TruQu we also have ambitions to expand to other countries. To do this, we first look at comparable work cultures like the Netherlands, such as Scandinavian countries. Preparations have been made in recent years to take this step and many things have been automated. One can now easily start with a trial version of our platform. If the decision is made to use TruQu throughout the whole organization, we will of course assist our customers with advice and guidance.

Development of platform
We also continue to work on the growth and further development of our platform. One more main module will be added. After this we will focus on refinement and optimization and make even smarter use of technology. For example, we want to integrate business intelligence for analyzing qualitative data.

The ultimate goal is to connect as many organizations as possible worldwide to TruQu. This makes it easier for everyone to grow and continue to push boundaries in every phase of your career.

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Growing is pushing boundaries
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