Sustainable Implementation: set the right example

How to make change stick?

A frequent question or difficulty that arises, is how to keep using TruQu up after the launch, when all the commotion of the ‘new’ has ended. This is not strange at all, as changing the way of working or behaviour within your organisation in general takes some serious effort. Therefore, it is important to give this issue the attention it deserves. The success of your learning culture and all its benefits depend on it! 

In a series of blogs we’ll list some tactics and important things to consider when improving the extent of engagement your employees feel with TruQu and their personal development. It will describe some theory and will translate these by providing examples of practices that will enhance engagement, tool-usage and desired outcomes for your organisation in the long run. 

Set the right example

Setting the right example is more powerful than you might think. Not ‘Talking the talk and walking the walk’ will give rise to cynicism and will cause employees to doubt the integrity of the motives behind your initiative. In addition, showing an example is still one of the most important ways to facilitate learning. You exhibit desired behaviours in order for others to know what desired behaviours are, and how they can be exhibited. By means of its notifications, showing exemplary behaviour as an initiative leader will also have the function of directing attention to TruQu and therefore will bring personal development to be top of mind. 

Some practical tips:

  • As an admin, manager, initiative leader, you name it: set the right example and practice what you preach;
  • Make sure your usage at least matches the development cycle of your organisation and other agreements you have made regarding TruQu-usage;
  • Don’t hesitate to send frequent feedback requests, use your feedback link and QR-code to increase visibility and compliment your colleagues via the tool regularly;
  • Share your personal TruQu data with as many as possible to activate others but also to benefit your own development. When others know what you’re pursuing they will be able to give you higher quality feedback as opposed to when they aren’t up to date on your activities and efforts. 

In the next blog the importance of aligning systems and rules within the organization will be explained. 

See you then!

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