The fun way to develop your talents and improve your performance. Lifelong learning with TruQu.

No detours, straight to your goal. A personal trainer who helps you further. Ensures that you grow from your own talents. Keeps you on your toes. So that you take steps forward, every day. We keep you focused, we organize feedback so you can reflect on your performance. You benefit from that.

Improve performance

Set goals

Growth starts with setting goals. Add interim results and action points to cut your goals into smaller pieces. Share them with your colleagues to request specific feedback.

Ask & give feedback

Help each other grow with feedback. Gain insight into your development by asking for feedback and give spontaneous feedback to your colleagues.

Evaluate and reflect

Evaluate and reflect

Write your reflection report based on your progress or organize a reflection report for your colleagues.

Set your rythm

Set a rhythm in TruQu and compose your own timeline. In this way, action points are identified and we organize the goals, reflections and your feedback. Easy peasy.

Analyze data

Analyse data

Keep track of the performance with reports for the organization, teams and yourself.

Send a compliment

Send a compliment to your colleagues and let them know that you appreciate them.

… And many more

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