Learn faster through feedback

TruQu ensures that employees take control of their own development and can request feedback in their working environment in a low-threshold way.
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Smarter organizing of the conversation cycle gives an organization the opportunity to steer continuously on the personal motives of colleagues. Make feedback even more valuable by linking this to goals and behavior of employees. This way the development can be maximally stimulated.

Ask feedback

The user-friendliness of the interface stimulates real-time feedback among colleagues. Within a few seconds you can ask for feedback from colleagues or customers. Insights obtained from templates by the organization are clearly displayed in the TruQu Dashboard.


Giving compliments can contribute to a feedback culture. Show appreciation to colleagues by giving a compliment and sharing this on the ‘compliments wall’ of your organization. Compliments can be given via the TruQu app or via the website.


It is possible to write a reflection report in TruQu. Write down what you have learned, what you can improve and what your action points are for a certain period and share this with your manager or colleague. Also see the reflection reports that have been shared with you. And give a reaction to help your colleague with his or her personal development.


With TruQu you can analyze the feedback you received. Amounts and averages are shown per questionnaire. Direct insight into the progress of the organization as a whole, the department and each individual employee.