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Set development goals, request feedback, reflect on your performance and grow continuously.

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The product

TruQu is an easily accessible performance tool with which employees can take control of their own development. Every employee develops a personal digital file that can be retrieved at any time and supports the conversations. Managers can automate everything related to talent development and the new assessment.


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Current way

  • Few insights
  • A lot of preparation
  • Managing the start
  • Single forms
  • Frustrating conversations
  • Talent is not discovered
  • Unexpected criticism
  • Limited check-ins
  • Manual actions
  • Different tools

TruQu’s way

  • Insight into performance
  • Time saving
  • Self-directed employee
  • Everything digitally in one place
  • Good conversations
  • Talent development
  • No surprises
  • Continuous dialogue
  • Fully automated
  • All in one tool

Fully integrated cycle

With TruQu you can ensure the entire performance cycle of your organization. With a handy timeline and complete overviews you bring structure to your cycle and every employee is informed.

Requesting and giving feedback

In TruQu you can easily request or give feedback. Choose your type of feedback, ask external feedback from someone in your network and use your unique personal QR code to receive feedback quick and easy.

Reflect on your results

After setting your goals and receiving feedback, it's time to reflect on your results from the past period. You can create a 360˚ report by involving colleagues, but also people from your network, in your development.

Request feedback on the go with our mobile app!

With the TruQu app you can always request and receive feedback about your performance. The TruQu app is available for Android and IOS.

Via web & app

The software of TruQu can be used via the web application, the Android app or IOS app.

Unlimited support

We are always ready to help you. Both via chat, by telephone and by email.


TruQu is accessible in Dutch and English. The feedback templates can be created in any desired language.

Security and privacy

TruQu complies with the AVG legislation and sets the highest requirements for safety and technology.

Talent development of employees through continuous feedback

14 days for free • Start within a few seconds