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Take charge of your personal growth


Easy Feedback Tools

360 degree feedback
Employee feedback
Continuous & frequent feedback.

Employee Engagement Tools

Feedback between co-workers
Measure employee satisfaction
Track personal goals and development.

Performance Management Tools

Modern performance reviews
Real-time insight
Real-time learning and development

Online feedback software suitable for all organizations. The best HR Tech solution to collect and analyze feedback. Give employees control over their own development.

Ask Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re using the app, the mobile website or your computer, asking feedback is just a few clicks away.

Continuous feedback is the new norm. Everyone should be able to ask feedback on a daily basis. In order to do so, collecting feedback should be easy. You should be able to ask and give feedback to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Now you can!

Feedback App

Get feedback, give feedback and analyze the feedback you’ve been given. Download the feedback app and make feedback easy and fun.

Real-Time Feedback

Get feedback instantly during and after each project, job or presentation. Get notifications whenever you receive new feedback. Create your own e-portfolio and access your feedback anywhere.

Trusted by many companies

'In addition to the fact that feedback obtained through TruQu show our interim professionals are very talented, TruQu let’s our employees gain insight into their quality and performance.'- Jan-Leen ’t Jong - Managing Director at Harvey Nash
'Performance and quality transparant: In TruQu we found a partner to make the performance of our advisors and project managers transparant. Customer quality is our number one priority. Using TruQu, customers and employees are able to instantly see the qualities we have to offer to our customers and the kind of ambition we share!'- Aad van den Boogaart - Managing Partner at Aranea

These organizations use TruQu for continuous improvement

360 feedback

Get feedback from colleagues, clients and managers. Get access to personal reports.

e-HRM Solution

All the feedback you receive is available everywhere and at any time. Get continuous feedback about your performance online.

Team Feedback

Team members can ask and give feedback to each other using app or website. Team members can keep this feedback for themselves or share it with the team.

Real-time feedback

Get feedback anytime, anywhere using the feedback app and online software.

Modern Performance Reviews

No more feedback once or twice a year only. Give performance reviews meaning by including your personal feedback portfolio.

Feedback from clients and externals

Besides feedback from your direct colleagues you can also get feedback from external colleagues and clients. All you need is their email address.

Prices vary from

$1-7per user/month

  • Unlimited feedback
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited questionnaires
  • A personal e-portfolio

Interested in our feedback software?

With a guided demonstration you will experience all the benefits of TruQu and see how TruQu can save you costs in the HR process and increase quality in the performance process.