A modern way of learning, developing and assessing

The feedback software of TruQu helps you improve, gives you insights in your development and improves your organization every day. Feedback makes the conversational cycle smarter, easier and more valuable

Focus on performance, driven by feedback

Feedback software that improves your performance. A smart and easy interface gives you the possibility to easily ask and share feedback. Gained insights help you to continuously develop your performance. Your reputation and value increase, of both you as well as your organization.


Smarter organizing of the conversation cycle gives an organization the opportunity to steer continuously on the personal motives of colleagues. Make feedback even more valuable by linking this to goals and behavior of employees. This way the development can be maximally stimulated.

Ask feedback

The user-friendliness of the interface stimulates real-time feedback among colleagues. Within a few seconds you can ask for feedback from colleagues or customers. Insights obtained from templates by the organization are clearly displayed in the TruQu Dashboard.


Giving compliments can contribute to a feedback culture. Show appreciation to colleagues by giving a compliment and sharing this on the ‘compliments wall’ of your organization. Compliments can be given via the TruQu app or via the website.

Talent development of employees through continuous feedback

Customers about TruQu

We started working with TruQu to support our new way of working.  We have made clear agreements on the use of TruQu for the purpose of the approach. TruQu is an easy to use medium. Despite the sometimes high age of employees, everyone was quickly ready to start.
Erica Buwang
Erica BuwangArbeidspsycholoog Amstelring Wijkzorg
Sogeti uses TruQu since the second half of 2015 to continually improve our consultants and our services. By using TruQu, we offer all our employees a very low-threshold tool for requesting feedback internally and at the customer.
Werknemer Sogeti
Ronald HuigenManaging Business Support Sogeti
If I look at the feedback that people have shared with me, that information will yield gold, which we have no knowledge of at all. The tool has helped to eliminate a blind spot regarding the performance and qualities of people.
Barry van der MeijEx managing Director Valtech

What does TruQu deliver?

Better performance

With the user-friendly interface of TruQu you can easily link feedback to your own goals. Combine your own templates with TruQu’s inscription to get a good indication of your development and functioning. You can use these insights to see whether you are actually going to achieve these goals.

Continuous development

Professionals can develop every day by asking for feedback when this is really necessary. Make the conversation cycle transparent and give your colleagues the opportunity to generally develop themselves on strengths and weaknesses.

360 degree feedback

TruQu’s smart interface makes it possible to request feedback within and outside your team. Use insights from the entire organization and customers to create an overall picture that adds value. You can start immediately with both the web-version and the user-friendly app.

Feedback culture

Giving feedback to each other helps with the development as a professional. TruQu gives professionals the opportunity to ask for immediate and direct feedback whenever and wherever it matters.