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TruQu makes it simple to collect feedback, learn faster and enable talent.

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Get constructive feedback

Request feedback to stimulate your personal development. Switch from a subjective assessment to a two-way conversation using your collected data in TruQu.

Greater involvement of colleagues

Organizations should actively invest in an optimal employee experience. Give the opportunity to discover improvements and to identify opportunities in order to develop talent.

Make it easy for HR

HR is increasingly expected to define and develop a culture. Use TruQu to offer HR more agility and modernize without overwhelming them.

The platform

Your own feedback platform

TruQu is your daily cruise control for asking and gaining feedback in a smart way. It helps you to develop, perform better and accelerate in your career.

  • My ImageIntuitive feedback
  • My ImageOwnership on goals and development
  • My ImageShow your talents
  • My ImageControl on long term career

Easy tool to improve team performance

TruQu helps to develop teams and to stimulate an open feedback culture within an organization. Take control of your own development and gain insight into your team.

  • My ImageContinuous learning and development
  • My ImageInsights in team developments
  • My ImageCreate a learning culture
  • My ImageCelebrate successes with compliments

Transparency in feedback and performance culture for managers

The feedback software ensures that managers receive useful data for the organization to perform better and to create winning teams.

  • My ImageBetter performance of employees and teams
  • My ImageHigher retention
  • My ImageEmployees that improve everyday
  • My ImageStrong insights in feedback and learning culture

“We think TruQu is best for us because of the user-friendliness and the ability to organize it according to your own needs. You decide where you want to receive feedback, when that is, how often you ask and to whom. Employees can also request feedback from people who do not work at Aranea. “

Frank RoumansManaging Partner - Aranea
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“We were looking for a way to make our review cyclus better. The 360 ° feedback conversations that we had before were in itself a success. But, it was too big en too confusing. TruQu helps us to be more compact and more precise. Employees can take ownership.”

Moniek DupuisHRM - Gemeente Waalwijk
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“Everybody wants to reach their personal goals, but that will only work if you take more moments for this within the year. It’s out of date to talk to your boss or executive once. It’s a huge profit. Not only in time, but also for your employees to improve themselves.”

Richard Hamaker HR Business Partner - Leaseweb

What does TruQu deliver?

TruQu modernises the old assessment and conversation cycle. With the feedback technology you have the opportunity to ask or give feedback to interns and externals. As an employee you work continuously on your personal development and learning process. Individuals and teams build up a personal feedback portfolio. Make it fun and easy!

360 Feedback

Action-oriented 360 ° feedback for you, managers and your team. Give people the opportunity to take charge of their own development.

Performance reviews

Create opportunities for reflection and feedback at every important moment. Add the perspective of the employee to make them even further to develop personally.


Strengthen your culture in order to build a better company. TruQu ensures engagement with a focus on the development of teams.

Talent development of employees through continuous feedback