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Your digital coach in learning & development. Create a culture with a drive to grow and get better every day.

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The performance cycle

Set a rhythm in TruQu, make sure every colleague works on the same tasks.

Set goals & targets

Develop yourself by setting goals. Add intermediate results and action points to cut them into smaller pieces. Share your goals with your colleagues to ask for feedback.

Ask & Give feedback

Help each other grow with feedback. Gain insight into your development by asking for feedback and give spontaneous feedback to your colleagues.

Evaluate & Reflect

Write your reflection report based on your progress or organize a reflection report for your colleagues.

Analyse Data

Keep track of the performance with reports for the organization, the teams and yourself.

Send a Compliment

Send a compliment to your colleagues and let them know that you appreciate them.

The feedback & performance management solution your people are looking for

Truqu is really easy to use and has the best experience. You want to focus on creating a winning organization. You have a huge drive to learn and grow. With our feedback and performance management software, you can focus on your goals and ambitions whilst your people take the driving seat to support your ambitions.

Performance feedback
Performance cycle

Learning & development of your people

TruQu is your digital coach in learning & development. Your organization and your people have a drive to grow. Truqu helps you to transform your teams and people into even better ones. With the intelligence in the software we make the connections with Goals, Feedback and Reflections and connect it to your learning & development programs.

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