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How It Works

Asking Feedback

Use the website or smartphone app to ask for feedback. In just a few simple steps you can ask for feedback from one or multiple persons. This can be colleagues, but also people from outside the organization such as clients and customers. Add a personal message to the recipient. The recipient will receive an email with which he can easily fill in the feedback.


Submitting Feedback

It’s very easy to submit feedback if someone asked you to give feedback. You receive an email with a link to submit the feedback. No account is needed to submit feedback. If you do have an account then you can also submit the feedback using the Feedback App

Giving Feedback

It is also possible to give feedback spontaneously. You can give feedback to colleagues from the same team. This is also a matter of minutes. Select the colleague you want to give feedback to, add a subject and choose what competencies or questions you want to give feedback about. Start giving feedback right away. Once you are done your colleague receives a notification about the new feedback.

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Giving Compliments

Use the feedback app to send compliments to your colleagues. You can send a digital thumbs up, flowers or a bottle of champagne. This allows you to show your appreciation in a fun and easy way.

Analysing Feedback

Analyse your feedback. Use the report tools to get insight in your performance. Employees can make reports on a personal level. Managers have access to reports at team level. Aim for continuous improvement using the insights from the reports.

And much more
  • Respond to your feedback

  • Export to Excel/CSV

  • Peer-to-peer Feedback

  • Feedback about projects

  • Print Feedback to PDF

  • Personal dashboard

  • Share feedback with your team

  • Feedback about the organization

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