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How TruQu Works

Asking Feedback

  • Set your goals and ask feedback on these goals.
  • Employees can ask their own questions or use questionnaires of the organization.
  • Ask feedback from your immediate colleagues and managers, but also from external colleagues, customers and clients.
  • Add a personal message to your feedback request..
  • Ask feedback from 1 person at a time or from multiple people at once..
Ask Feedback
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Giving feedback

  • Submitting feedback can be done directly from your email or from your dashboard.
  • To submit feedback, no TruQu account is required. This allows external users to easily provide feedback.
  • Feedback can be given via the web application and the TruQu Feedback App
  • Giving feedback is optimized for mobile. Feedback can be submitted directly from your smartphone.
  • You can give feedback to your immediate colleagues, without a prior feedback request.

Give compliments

  • Show your appreciation by giving compliments to colleagues
  • Encourage a feedback culture by sharing your compliments on the “compliment wall” of the organization.
  • Compliments can be given through both the TruQu App and the website

Share feedback

  • Share your feedback with colleagues and managers.
  • Share your compliments with the entire organization.
  • Respond to your feedback and start a conversation.

Analyse feedback

  • Gain insight into the development of your goals.
  • Employees have access to personal reports.
  • Managers get better insight with (anonymous) reports on team and organizational level.
  • See the feedback that others shared with you.
And much more
  • Respond to your feedback

  • Exporteren to Excel/CSV

  • Peer-to-peer Feedback

  • Feedback on projects

  • Print feedback to PDF

  • Personal dashboard

  • Share feedback with your team

  • Feedback about the organization

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